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BG loses 2-0 to Southview in drenched football game | Sports

If it hadn’t been for a monsoon in Bowling Green on Wednesday night, the Bobcats might have had a better chance of taking advantage of the scoring opportunities in a women’s soccer game.

Just like in football, where it pays to have a game on the ground in bad weather, in football it pays to have a team that plays possession well.

Southview passed the ball well during a rainstorm, and it paid off for the Cougars who won a 2-0 victory in the Northern Lakes League.

The only thing that could have made matters worse was if the game was played on grass instead of BG’s new artificial turf. Either way, BG managed to attack, but not to score.

“If it was a dry day we would finish all of these chances and we wouldn’t give them straight to the goalkeeper,” said BG coach Erika Kimple.

The Cougars improve to 5-1 overall and 3-0 in the NLL, while BG drops to 4-4 and 1-3.

In the first half, Southview led the Bobcats by just 9-8. BG junior forward Sydney Mass and first-year forward Ella Koester each had two shots on goal.

Southview also had a high percentage of scoring opportunities, but the teams played in a scoreless tie after one half. Kimple said his team only needed one to bounce back on their path.

“So the thing on a day like this is tough for everyone so I told the girls before the game, that in a game like this it’s a game of luck, so you have to give yourself a chance to be lucky, ”Kimple said. .

In the second half, BG’s luck was cut short. The Cougars outscored the Bobcats, 10-3, and it ultimately paid off for Southview.

Southview second-year defenseman Maddie Thompson landed a 30-yard shot over the header of BG primary goaltender Carrina Wiseman-Esparza and under the crossbar for the game’s opening goal with 28:07 to to play.

The Cougars scored their second goal from a free kick, their seventh corner kick of the game.

Paige Brown once scored the corner kick going straight off a rebound and straight into the net, giving the Cougars an insurance goal with 9:50 to go.

Maas had a chance to have the Bobcats on the board 11 minutes into the second half, but his wide-open 15-yard shot sailed just over the top crossbar.

Maas finished with 10 interceptions and six shots, including three on goal that were saved by Southview junior goaltender Bethany Creighton, who finished with 10 saves and one shutout.

For BG, Wiseman-Esparza made 15 saves and two Southview shots ricocheted off the crossbar, including one from junior midfielder Paige Brown who almost made his way into the net in the first half.

Southview coach Majd Ali said his team’s possession play was intentional.

Brown, Thompson, first-year midfielder Rylee Shinaver and junior defender Bella Brighty were effective in playing BG’s distance in midfield, which reduced the Bobcats’ scoring chances.

The Cougars continued their possession game in the second half, but pushed further to score both goals.

“It’s just practice, honestly, and the chemistry grows with this team,” Ali said. “It’s a young team – zero senior in this team.

“They are very young, very supportive of each other and they remained calm in the second half. The first half, I was just trying to get used to this terrain, to try to get used to this time. The second half, they played much better, ”continued Ali.

Kimple loved the fight she saw in her daughters.

“They are definitely more of a possession team than us which is great. There is nothing wrong with that, ”Kmple said. “But we had the best effort, aggressiveness and desire. I think we got away with it. They had some good chances up front but I think even being led by two we just never gave up and we never stopped fighting no matter what.