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Nike soccer balls are designed to withstand enormous amounts of force, but that doesn’t mean they’re invincible. Be sure to clean and maintain them properly if you want them to last.

What are the best Nike footballs?

When it comes to sports products, it’s hard to top the range and quality offered by Nike. Their soccer balls are no different. Nike soccer balls come in every possible size and color with countless variations and a price range from super cheap to display only.

One of the best Nike soccer balls is the Nike Premier League Strike Ball. This Nike soccer ball is designed to improve your game and the Premier League logo on the side serves as appropriate motivation to achieve success.

What to know before buying a Nike football

Nike football size

Most Nike soccer balls come in five sizes, with 1 being the smallest and 5 being the largest, although some exceptions are also available.

  • Size 1: Size 1 soccer balls are typically used to hone specific skills, although they are also used by children under the age of 4. They are usually 18 to 20 inches in circumference.
  • Size 2: A ball larger than size 1 but still intended for skill development or children under 4 years old. They usually measure 21 to 22 inches in circumference.
  • Size 3: Size 3 balls are still too small for regulation play, typically used by children 8 and under. They usually measure 23 to 24 inches in circumference.
  • Size 4: Size 4 balls are also known as youth balls due to their intended use for children 8-12 years old. They usually measure 25 to 26 inches in circumference.
  • Size 5: A regulation size soccer ball. They usually measure 27 to 28 inches in circumference.

What to look for in a quality Nike soccer ball

Construction of a Nike football

A football is made up of two parts, the cover (outer) and the bladder (inner).

  • Blanket: Footballs generally use one of three materials for their coverings. Polyurethane (PU) is common due to its softness and high degree of control. Polyvinyl carbonate (PVC) is a more durable alternative but gives less control. Sometimes a mixture of the two is used. Synthetic leather is the last option with high quality feel and control.
  • Bladder: Soccer ball bladders are usually made of latex or butyl rubber. Latex provides a higher ball feel but also increases the inflation rate. Butyl rubber holds air much longer but makes the ball harder.

How much you can expect to spend on a Nike soccer ball

Nike soccer balls cost a little more on average than most soccer balls due to their generally higher quality. A Nike soccer ball usually starts around $20 and can cost upwards of $100, although most usually cost between $25 and $50.

Nike Football FAQs

Does the color of a Nike football matter?

A. Yes and no. For almost all non-professional football players, color, logo, design or pattern etc. have no effect on their performance or on the game in general. Some players – and especially professional players – may use certain patterns and colors to read the spin of a soccer ball in flight. In effect, it gives the skilled player information about where the ball is going to go that he would not otherwise have had.

How often should a Nike football be reinflated?

A. Many Nike soccer balls use bladders that have tiny natural pores, which allow air to escape from the ball over time with heavier use resulting in faster air loss. Some Nike footballs need to be reinflated up to once a day if used heavily. If you need to re-inflate a Nike soccer ball in the middle of a practice or game, you’ve probably got a puncture somewhere.

What are the best Nike footballs to buy?

Best Nike Soccer Ball

Nike Premier League Kick Ball CQ7150-103

Nike Premier League Kick Ball CQ7150-103

What do you want to know: This Nike soccer ball uses a special paint job to help the player visualize where their foot will hit the ball.

What you will love: This Nike soccer ball uses leveraged molded grooves, which can help keep the ball stable in the air. A rubber bladder provides better shape retention and air pressure. The Premier League logo on the ball is a powerful motivator for players of all ages.

What you should consider: Several users have reported receiving a version of this Nike soccer ball that continually leaked through the inflation valve, but were able to return these units for a ball that held air better.

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Best Nike soccer ball for the money

Nike Pitch Team Soccer Ball

Nike Pitch Team Soccer Ball

What do you want to know: This budget Nike soccer ball is nonetheless a great option for its price.

What you will love: This Nike soccer ball is available in three sizes (3-5) and three colorways: white/classic black, electric green/black and orange/black. The construction is strong enough to last for years. This Nike soccer ball is easy to inflate and maintains air pressure well throughout use.

What you should consider: This Nike soccer ball is not fully inflated, only partially inflated. You will need to have your own air pump or purchase an additional one.

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Worth checking out

Nike Pitch Training Football - Pink Blast Black

Nike Pitch Training Soccer Ball – Pink Blast Black

What do you want to know: This shiny Nike soccer ball is a great choice for young kids and older youth players.

What you will love: The smaller size options, sizes 3 and 4 (size 4 is listed as size 000 on Amazon), are great for players under 12, and the ultra-size 7.5 is great for outdoor fun. family in the garden.

What you should consider: This Nike soccer ball is not available in standard regulation size and is only partially inflated. Some players may not like the pink and black coloring.

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