Soccer player

Athlete Spotlight: Emma Rogers, Clarke County Women’s Soccer Player | Sports

17-year-old senior Clarke County High School

Sport: women’s football. Position: Guardian

Parent: Eva Lapinsky-Rogers

Hometown: Berryville

What do you like in football? : I like the team aspect of football. Whenever I’m on a team, I try to make sure everyone is bonded at least a little bit so we can all work together. I love the team aspect and all the girls make everything so much fun.

Football’s most memorable moment: Clearly winning states [in 2021]. It was phenomenal. It was a surreal moment. It still doesn’t feel real.

The most embarrassing moment in football: I have experienced a few. Once in a travel football game I was hit in the face of a free kick and the ball went into the goal after hitting my face. It hurts. Or it was the time of high school football last year in Strasbourg. I got out quite far from my box because I was going to get the ball out. Their striker – she’s a pretty fast girl – basically beat me to the ball and we collided. I got up and ran backwards, but she basically threw the ball over me. I got tripped up, couldn’t make it to prom, and planted my face.

The most difficult moment in football: Honestly, football as a goalkeeper is a very difficult sport mentally. As a goalkeeper you have to lead the team because obviously you see everything, but you also have to make sure you keep your spirits up after you get tagged. You have to make sure no one feels the pain of letting everyone down. Once you score, you feel like you’ve let everyone down because your whole job is not to get scored or pass any balls. If, for example, this happens, it is a difficult mental thing to overcome.

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: Adam Sandler, because he’s hilarious and I love his movies. I have loved him for a very long time; Miles Teller from the new movie “Top Gun”, because I always wanted to meet a pilot; Elon Musk, because I feel like if I talked to him, it would make me smarter because he’s a genius.

Biggest Athletic Influence: Originally as a little girl, definitely Hope Solo, but growing up I started watching men’s football with my older brothers and Manuel Neuer stood out for me. He is Germany’s keeper and I have been since I was little because my brother [Zachary] idolized him and I sort of became a goalie because of my brother. As I watched my brother idolize Manuel Neuer, I thought to myself that I had to idolize Manuel Neuer because I wanted to be exactly like the two of them.

Favorite teacher: [Science teacher] Mr. [Chandler] DeHaven, because he helped me through absolutely everything – from a sports perspective and from a home life perspective. Just in my real life, he helped me through absolutely everything. He’s always been there for me since I was 12 or 13.

Favorite athlete: Kobe Bryant

Favorite Sports Team: Washington Capitals

Favorite movie: “The Game Plan”

Favorite TV show: “Dance Moms”

Favorite song: What I used to listen to before a lot of games was “Stir Fry” by Migos

Favorite food: Noodles. I just love butter noodles.

Worst thing you’ve eaten: meatloaf or celery. I don’t like the texture of celery.

Plans after high school: I will go to West Liberty University and play football. I am majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education. My grandmother was a teacher and she taught in Germany and tons of different countries. She would always come home and tell me all the different stories of her kids in Germany and how she loved teaching her fourth graders. I admire him so much.

— Compiled by Walt Moody