Soccer field

Area soccer, field hockey and golf results

Boys Football

Bishop Brady 3,
White Mountains 0

Key players: Bishop Brady – Keagan Smith (goal), Evan Haas (goal), Nicholas Yonaitis (goal)

Highlights: The Giants won their second shutout of the season with a victory over the Spartans.

Recordings: Bishop Brady 2-2; White Mtns. 2-2

Gilford 1,
Hopkinton 0

Key players: Hopkinton – Aidan Burns (4 stops)

Highlights: Anthony Aguiar scored in the 73rd minute to take the Golden Eagles to first place to a win over the Hawks.

Coach quote: “The Hawks took one to the chin tonight as Gilford scored late in the game from a free kick. In the 15 minutes leading up to the goal, Gilford created a number of chances, including a few that hit the crossbar or post and bounced off the goal rather than into the goal. Hopkinton also created a number of chances throughout the game, including a couple that forced a save and a couple of near misses. Today’s game was just not in our cards and we suffered our first loss of the young season. – Scott Zipke of Hopkinton

Recordings: Gilford 4-0; Hopkinton 4-1

Concorde 2,
Pinkerton 2

Key players: Concorde – Alejo Caceres (goal, assist), Sujan Bhujel (goal), Max Leahy (9 saves)

Highlights: A fast-paced game from start to finish, Bhujel took advantage of an excellent pass from Caceres to open the scoring. Pinkerton responded a few minutes later on a corner to tie the score. Pinkerton scored with 15 minutes to go on a quality 20-yard strike, but Tide responded soon after with a Caceres strike from the top of the 18-yard box to tie the game.

Coach quote: “We managed to get a result without playing our best football today. We struggled to be consistent in our game throughout the game. We had moments, but we couldn’t keep it up against a strong Pinkerton side. – Scott Dunlop of Concord

Recordings: Concorde 2-2-1; Pinkerton 3-1-1

Coe-Brown 2,
Stevens 1

Key players: Coe-Brown – Alex Readel (9 saves), Ben Reiff (assist), Sam Drake (goal), Sam Lapiejko (goal)

Highlights: Stevens received a penalty in the second half and converted to close the gap to 2-1. The Cardinals hammered a ton of balls forward in the last 10 minutes to get the equalizer, but the Bears held them back.

Coach quote: “Some games don’t look good and this one is no exception. We had a lot of chances not to convert and allow them to stay in the game. And while our guys couldn’t find the pace for constant stretches, we’re happy with the overall effort. Offensively, they’re starting to see that a patient approach is sometimes the smartest approach. Defensively, when they put pressure on the ball faster, it creates more turnovers and opportunities for them on offense. It was great to have everyone on the team tonight. – Christian Gompert of Coe-Brown

Recordings: Coe-Brown 2-2; Stevens 2-3

Football Girls

Merrimack Valley 7,
Plymouth 1

Key players: MV – Juliana Palhof (goal), Colby Magoon (2 goals, assist), Sydney Bailey (goal), Rylee Boucher (2 goals), Chloe Morgan (goal)

Highlights: Merrimack Valley scored quickly after the game’s opening five minutes. The first half was dominated by strong combined plays and through balls to produce five goals. Plymouth played physical defense and a corner led to their first goal.

Coach quote: “I was happy with our balanced possession. It was nice to see a lot of different players involved in the attack. – Kylee Yam from the MV

Recordings: MV 3-0-2; Plymouth 0-5-1

Girls’ volleyball

Mascenic 3,
Hillsboro-Deering 0

Key players: HD – Haley Hawthorn (5 serves against 5, strong defense from the back line), Danielle Pellecchia (won last on hitting coverage), Madison Podsadowski (team communication), Katie Connarn (kill), Grace Boisvert (block), Aurora Przybyla (block)

Highlights: The Hillcats fell in straight sets to the Vikings, 25-6, 25-11, 25-8.

Coach quote: “The Mascenic Vikings are a great team with a great coach behind them. I think it was one of those matches where we could fight, but we weren’t at our best tonight. Communication and teamwork are at the heart of every piece and unfortunately I think we missed it tonight. The Hillcats will have another opportunity to face this team later in the season and hopefully we can learn from that loss and be more competitive for this game. – Christa Liquori from HD

Recordings: Mascenic 3-0; HD 1-2

Field hockey

Kearsarge 4,
Laconia 1

Key players: Kearsarge – Paige Hoegler (first goaltender), Sydney Pollard (defense), Annie Chambers (first college goal)

Highlights: The Cougars lost two goalies to injury and illness, so Hoegler donned goalie gear for the first time and most of the two saves in the first half, while senior midfielder Chambers scored his first college goal in the first half to lead Kearsarge to victory.

Coach quote: “Our defense adjusted to not have (Ayla) Frenkiewich in the goal and protected the circle for the majority of the game. – Chelsea Williams of Kearsarge

Recordings: Kearsarge 3-0-1; Laconia 0-5-0


Derryfield 65,
Hopkinton 61, Conant 38

Key players: Hopkinton’s Evan Fairneny won medalist honors with a 19. Hal Stokes shot 15 on the tough course from Shattuck to Jaffrey.

Highlights: The Hawks were tied after playing 61-61 with Derryfield. Once the tie-breaker was in place (golfers’ 5th score), Derryfield came out in the lead 65-61.

Coach quote: “It’s always a tough course to play and it seemed even more difficult today with all the rain we got. The kids played well and at a good pace. “- David Chase, Hopkinton

Records: Derryfield 5-1, Hopkinton 5-1, Conant 3-5