Soccer field

Another $200,000 could be needed for Rhinebeck football field drainage – Daily Freeman

RHINEBECK, NY – Drainage improvements are expected to add approximately $200,000 to the cost of a new football field at Thompson-Mazzarella Park.

During a city council meeting via videoconference on Monday, Supervisor Elizabeth Spinzia said the project lacked drainage infrastructure, which consists of three- or four-foot drainpipes with holes in them. She said the cost is around $200,000 because “supplies are a commodity now and they’re really expensive.”

The city’s planning board reviewed the $1.56 million soccer field project earlier this year and officials agreed to hire Clark Companies and Catella Engineering to install an artificial turf field.

Officials said drainage information was missing as part of the city’s stormwater pollution prevention plan required for projects in the park.

City council members have agreed to allow the Clark Companies to move forward with tests that will determine how far water will pass through the ground and how easily it can be drained offsite.

“Our engineer…is pretty confident he can find ways to mitigate those $200,000 costs,” Spinzia said. “So we have to see what we’re up against.”

Council members expect to bond $800,000 towards the cost of construction, with the balance coming from donations.

Other funding is expected to include $200,000 from a city capital fund; $80,000 from the Rhinebeck Soccer League; $100,000 from DeCola; $50,000 from the Kibel Foundation; $20,000 from Michael Cassano and a Google match; $10,000 from an anonymous donor; $2,500 from a matching donation from the Rhinebeck Soccer League; $100,000 from the Thomas Thompson Trust; and $90,000 from Rhinebeck Porchfest.

Earlier this year, supporters convinced board members that an artificial pitch would reduce maintenance costs. Park committee chairman Michael DeCola said in January that a natural grass field would use 52,000 gallons of water per week and would require the use of insecticides to keep the grass healthy.

Editor’s note: The Thomas Thompson Trust will be the source of a $100,000 contribution for the planned soccer field at Thompson-Mazzarella Park. An earlier version of this story used football league and city budget information, which has now been updated, incorrectly attributing the donation to the Frost Foundation.