Soccer game

Altercation during high school football game raises concerns

NEW CARLISLE, Ind. – High school sports are supposed to be a fun way for kids to get involved outside of the classroom, but a high school football game turned violent last month at New Prairie High.

The New Prairie Cougars were hosting South Bend Riley for his senior night when a throw-in altercation left two players out for one game, and one with a concussion.

“She’s a tough girl. She’ll definitely get through this.

This concerned mom, who wishes to remain anonymous, is referring to her daughter, a football player at New Prairie High School.

The second is the girl in blue, in the middle of an altercation with a South Bend player Riley, dressed in white.

“You could see they were neck and neck.”

“The throw was on, she went to hit the ball high, she missed it, goes down, the girl looks at her and pushes it in the head. My daughter pushed her back which we talked about and then when she turned to walk away she was grabbed by the neck and hair, pulled down and punched repeatedly in the face .

Notice in the video, the referee does little to break up the altercation, simply holding one girl back while other players separate them.

I spoke with Indiana University professor emeritus Lynn Jamieson, who has taught sports management and also coached and refereed games.

In his view, the arbitrator acted within his expectations.

“It’s kind of optional. Some umpires get in there and do whatever they need to. But usually they call for help.

Jamieson also points out that athletes are required to abide by an athletic code of conduct.

“There is a whole code of conduct, an athlete code of conduct that is part of the IHSAA. This is a violation of this code and a violation of this code should result in disciplinary action by the school.

“I just hope that somehow it doesn’t happen again.”