Soccer game

Allstars is a soccer game where you play as colorful alpacas

Alright, forget Rocket league. Forget about fast football in futuristic mini cars. Here’s the soccer spin we all needed. Alpaca ball: Allstars was revealed by Hat creator Salt Castle Studio, and that’s exactly how it sounds, sort of. Play as one of the many colorful alpacas and take part in bizarre physics-based soccer matches. The main objective here seems to be to control the alpaca’s neck to hit the ball. Judging by the trailer, it might not be as easy as it looks.

Apparently, if you manage to hit the ball perfectly, it can literally catch fire on its way to the goal. However, it’s another game that embraces unpredictable physics. So if you’re off the wrong way or moving around while hitting perfectly, who knows where the ball is going? There are also several ball options such as beach balls, rugby balls, and even dice, all of which will affect the way your shots travel through the air.

These variations extend to the arenas of the game as well. Matches take place on tiny soccer fields, concrete courts, and even ice hockey fields. We can’t imagine the scenes where a game full of colorful alpacas loses control on an ice rink.

It seems that Alpaca ball: Allstars go for that fall guys physics-based level of unpredictability, and it could definitely be a board game hit. With a fully-fledged career mode spanning the globe, customizable alpacas, and local eight-player multiplayer on Switch, there might be more depth here than you initially thought.

Alpaca ball: Allstars spear October 15 on Nintendo Switch.