Soccer game

Albert Einstein senior speaks out on derogatory comments at a football match

Senior Einstein denounces derogatory comments during a football match

A college football player from Albert Einstein High School told the Montgomery County Board of Education “the toughest game we’ve ever played against Sherwood High School”.

Lindsey Broitman said “Throughout the game, the student section of SHS made negative comments about the race, body and skills of our players on the pitch.” [Montgomery Community Media]

Jain announces running mate in governor’s race

Gubernatorial candidate Ashwani Jain of Potomac nominated LaTrece Hawkins Lytes as his running mate in the crowded race for the Democratic nomination.

Jain’s campaign portrays Lytes as a lifelong Maryland resident, wife, mother of four, juvenile type 1 diabetes survivor, transplant recipient and community activist. [Washington Post]

Food insecurity has decreased thanks to additional government benefits

As jobs disappeared and large swathes of the economy shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, long lines formed outside food banks and experts warned of spikes in hunger.

After the expansion of government assistance that followed, fewer Marylanders relied on food pantries and meal assistance programs – but only temporarily, according to a recent report. [Maryland Matters]

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