Soccer game

A women’s soccer game has been suspended due to brutal fights by its players

It happened in Jujuy and the meeting had to be postponed

What should have been a sports festival ended in a scandal. An unfortunate episode in which the heroes who should have set the example fought a bitter struggle that resulted in the postponement of a football match. The fact is that the meeting at which the dispute took place in the city in San Pedro, Jujuy, It ended in serious incidents on the field of play, where players from both teams improvised a fight that featured punches, flying kicks and excessive violence.

The struggle of women’s football did not have a happy ending. The incidents even ended when the teams’ coaches and several close associates of both clubs intervened to isolate the hero.

matches between teams Parapeti and Rio Grande La Mendieta By end of zone a San Pedro Cup was suspended by the referee due to Violence took place between members of the two castes desiring the title. Some players even ended up swinging through the air from kicks and pushes, which took the participants by surprise.

Both teams played the tournament womens football 11, the first version of which was launched by Municipality of San Pedro, from Jujuy, and continued with constant commitments for the semi-finals and finals. more, Prize giving on campus Locals yunga portal, Located in the southern part of the same city, but the ceremony was influenced by the actions of performers who improvised a scandal.

Naturally, the incident was recorded in some cell phone records which went viral on social media after the match was suspended.

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