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A referee accidentally scored a goal in a Dutch soccer match, then caused outrage by refusing to ban it

Twitter/Harkemase Boys

Referee Maurice Paarhuis let his accidental goal pass.

  • Referee Maurice Paarhuis scored in a fourth-tier Dutch game in May and then let the goal stand.
  • Home side Harkemase Boys were leading 3-1 when Paarhuis scored for visitors HSV Hoek to make it 3-2.
  • Luckily for the Dutch official, his goal had no impact on the final score, with Harkemase winning 4-2.
  • The calamitous goal resurfaced on Twitter this week. You can watch it below.
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Football referee Maurice Paarhuis showed his remarkable striking instincts in a fourth-tier Dutch match between Harkemase Boys and visitors HSV Hoek in May.

Footage of the official getting a little too close to the action and pushing the ball into the back of the net has surfaced on Twitter this week.

Hoek was trailing 3-1 at the time, but in attack, when the ball was whipped across the penalty area and a disorderly scramble ensued.

Harkemase seemed to have weathered the storm, however, as they finally went to clear the ball, Paarhuis stepped (albeit accidentally) to knock the ball home and make it 3-2.

You can watch the Paarhuis effort here:

Paarhuis, surprisingly, whistled to signal the goal stood, sparking outrage from the home side.

Harkemase players flooded the Dutchman to question his decision, however, his mind wouldn’t change.

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Luckily for Paarhuis, his decision had no impact on the outcome of the game, with Harkamase scoring again to win the match 4-2.

On the scoresheet, the goal was officially awarded to Hoek’s number 10, Rik Impens, who was the last player to touch the ball before Paarhuis.

The strike was Impens 16th of the seasonand arguably its easiest.

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