Soccer game

A new soccer game with gameplay video will be unveiled in January

UFL It represents an interesting novelty for the whole video game puzzle, given that it is a new competitor in the field of soccer simulationTherefore, we welcome with great interest the announcement of the fast approaching premiere of the game, which will be broadcast with del play video a January 2022.

There is not much to know, to be honest: With a very brief email, the developers of Strikerz Inc. That in January 2022 they will be held Show event Dedicated to the UFL, during which the game in question will finally be shown, especially with the gameplay, so it will be possible to see it in action.

“We don’t have a press release today, but we have an important announcement! Strikerz will be hosting a special game event in January 2022, where we will reveal the highly anticipated UFL gameplay,” the team wrote in a new email sent out today.

UFL, so far we have only seen Oleksandr Zinchenko

Stay tuned for more information on the date and location of the event.

It will most likely be a streaming show, or on video anyway, but we’re waiting to find out when it will be staged. After the first teaser, the UFL gameplay has never been seen, so there is huge curiosity for this game which aims to challenge giants like FIFA 22 and eFootball. At the moment we know that Oleksandr Zinchenko and Roberto Firmino testify to the game.