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A man survived 18 hours adrift at sea thanks to a soccer ball

A man survived 18 lost hours at sea after finding a bullet in the waves that helped him stay afloat.

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Ivan is a 30 year old man from North Macedonia. He was visiting Myti beach in Kassandra, Greece when he was caught in strong ocean currents. His friends alerted the Greek Coast Guard when they realized Ivan was missing.

Fortunately, Ivan was found by a coastguard plane. And he shared what saved him during his lost 18 hours at sea – a small bullet. He saw it coming towards him in the water, and he grabbed it to help it stay afloat.

A man survived 18 hours adrift at sea thanks to a soccer ball

This small ball belonged to two boys and was identified by their mother. The children had lost him 10 days previously on a beach more than 80 miles from where Ivan had found him.

“I had constant updates on how the rescue was going and I’m very happy with the smooth ending of the young man’s adventure,” reads a Facebook post describing Ivan’s rescue. “The young man found a bullet that saved his life and helped him when he was tired. Thanks to the port, EKAB and Kassandra health center, the air force, the the Greek police, the fishing boats of Nea Skioni, the 2 boats sailing in the area, all the rescue teams and the volunteers.”

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Unfortunately, Martin Jovanovski, who is one of Ivan’s friends, also disappeared at sea and is still lost. As Ivan is now safely back and discharged from a local hospital after being treated, we pray that his friend will also be found soon.

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