Soccer game

A good dog interrupts an international football match and asks the players to rub their bellies

A soccer match between the Chilean and Venezuelan women’s national teams had to be interrupted for the best possible reason: a puppy ran onto the field and asked the players to rub their bellies. The adorable pup won the hearts of players and fans at the stadium cheering him on. The match was taking place at the La Granja de Curicó stadium in Chile when the black pup made an appearance in the 36th minute. The dog ran straight for the Chilean keeper and rolled onto his back, demanding belly rubs. The goalkeeper happily agreed as the pup rolled around excitedly. The referee halted the game and then tried to engage the pup with some belly rubs to get him off the field, reported HuffPost.

As a Chilean player tried to pick up the black pup out of the field, a steward joined her in hopes of running the dog to the touchline, but he had none of it and rushed to the center of the field. Another player near the halfway line opened her arms, inviting the pup to run towards her, but the dog was too good-natured for that and jumped aside as the fans howled in approval. The excited pup was having fun as he stretched his legs and ran around the vast green field before exiting the field on his own. The pup then ran again and lay down demanding belly rubs in front of another Chilean player who then picked him up and handed him over to a steward who carried the dog off the field to thunderous cheers.

When a dog found the stolen World Cup
Football history buffs will know the importance a dog played in the game. A mixed breed collie named Pickles wrote his name in football history after helping to regain the World Cup that had been stolen, reported The BBC. The iconic Jules Rimet Trophy went missing just four months before England hosted the World Cup in 1966. The trophy was kept and amateur security devices saw the cup stolen. “We believe that two people broke in through an emergency exit, took the trophy and came out,” said Dr Martin Atherton, author of The Flight of the Jules Rimet Trophy. Authorities received a ransom note demanding £15,000. The police pretended to accept the deal and arrested Edward Betchley, a former soldier, but the trophy was not on him and was still missing.

Photographers take pictures of Pickles, the dog that sniffed out the missing Jules Rimet World Cup trophy, which was stolen from the National Stamp Exhibition a week earlier, March 28, 1966. Pickles poses near the place where he found the trophy, in Beulah Hill, Norwood, South London. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)

A man named Dave Corbett was walking his dog and Pickles began barking fiercely at a car. Corbett noticed a package lying there. “I tore the bottom a bit and there was a blank shield and then there were the words Brazil, West Germany and Uruguay printed on it,” he recalled. “I had seen the pictures of the World Cup in the newspapers and on TV, so my heart started pounding.” He handed it over to a nearby police station, but they refused to believe him. “I slammed it on the desk in front of the sergeant and said ‘I think I’ve found the World Cup.’ “I remember his words, ‘That doesn’t sound very World Cuppy to me, son.’ Authorities later confirmed it was indeed the World Cup. Corbett and Pickles became overnight celebrities.

March 28, 1966: Jeanne Corbett with Pickles, the dog who found the stolen Jules Rimet World Cup trophy on a walk with owner David Corbett in Norwood, south London, shortly before the World Cup in England. (Photo by Reg Speller/Fox Photos/Getty Images)