Soccer player

A footballer reaches new heights

By Emily-Rose Toohey

Jack Reedy, 15, from Stanthorpe, has been training football for almost 10 years and now he travels the world with Euro Football Star.

Last month Jack was in Paris and in September he will be heading back to England for more professional training and matches, but Jack said it took a lot of work.

“I started playing football when I was five or six, I think my parents forced me to exercise,” he said.

“I loved it as I got older and my parents made me watch more European games.”

He said these games are very different from Australian games, something he learned from his own experience.

“It’s a lot faster, the players are stronger – their way of playing, their tactics and the way they move the ball is so different,” Jack said.

Jack’s development as a player began when he played for Stanthorpe City, and his father Chris Reedy said he played with them until he was eight years old.

“Then when he was 10 he entered Brisbane Roar Youth Academy in Brisbane and we started traveling with him for training,” Chris said.

After playing for Toowoomba Thunder (NPL, National Premier Leagues), he said Brisbane City approached them about Jack joining their team.

“Jack trains three times a week in Brisbane for an hour and a half on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays,” Chris said.

“On Wednesdays he now travels to the Gold Coast and trains with Shane Smeltz Football.

“It’s a big commitment and it takes time, but Jack is very dedicated, very passionate about the game and he’s very driven.”

Euro Football Star aims to help football players launch their professional careers, and Jack’s coach Ray Wood says he originally won a competition in 2018 with the organisation.

“I saw an improvement in his game, he went up about three or four levels,” Ray said.

“I have high expectations for Jack, he is good if not better than those I trained 10 years ago who now play in the Premiership league.

“As long as he stays fit and healthy and continues to work hard, he will go far – the sky is the limit.”

Ray said it was also a testament to the support of Jack’s family that he has done so much.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to work with him,” he said.

Despite all the training and travel, Jack said his commitment to the game didn’t hinder his learning at Stanthorpe State High School, where his teachers were very flexible.

“Travel abroad has been amazing, my parents tell me I’m really, really lucky,” he said. “What 15-year-old can say he has traveled and played sports abroad? »