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A footballer hits a referee in Argentina

“I fell and I don’t remember anything else. When I got up I was dizzy and nauseous. Nothing like this has ever happened to me.”

The quote belongs to Dalma Cortadi, an Argentinian referee who was brutally assaulted by a male player on Sunday during a regional match between Deportivo Independencia and Deportivo Garmense in the town of Tres Arroyos.

A footballer hits a referee in Argentina

Cortadi had just shown a yellow card when Deportivo Garmense defender Cristian Tirone, possessed by the rage demon, ran towards her and landed a wild, cowardly punch in her face.

To add an extra layer of shame: He did it behind her back.

Although she recovered quickly after the hit, Cortadi suffered several injuries that kept her in a local hospital for several days. According to the medical report, she suffers from head and neck trauma as well as multiple bruises on her body.

After the attack, officials immediately suspended the game while police entered the pitch to arrest Tirone for minor injuries and violent behavior at a sporting event.

Hours later, Deportivo Garmense condemned the player’s actions and announced that they were cutting ties with him.