Soccer player

A football player was sent off for being extremely annoying

In the least surprising news in the world, the English play a lot of football. For a number of leagues across the country, this weekend marks the return of football – England’s top league, the Premier League, does not return until next weekend, although possibly the top two teams in the world, Manchester City and Liverpool, will face off on Saturday.

Anyway, in Football League Two, one of the games that started the year was between Bradford City and Doncaster Rovers. It looked like the two teams were going to head to the locker room tied up in a relatively uncontroversial fashion, but in injury time, Doncaster midfielder Lee Tomlin decided to be sent off being extremely annoying.

Bradford City tried to take a free-kick near midfield in the middle of injury time, but Tomlin thought it would be fun to try and waste some more time. This led to him leaning over and touching the ball, making faces and, at one point, falling after almost no contact. All of this led to the referee showing him a pair of yellow cards in less than 20 seconds, which ended his afternoon a little early.

Even Bradford City’s Twitter account thought it was a bit too much.

Either way, it didn’t hurt Doncaster too much, as things ended in a 0-0 draw.