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A football player rushes to a defibrillator to endure a heart attack

Jeremias Conan Ledesma of Cadiz CF brings a suitcase for the result of a supporter who has a heart attack in the stands during the match during the La Liga Santander match between Cadiz FC v FC Barcelona at Nuevo Mirandilla on September 10

Barcelona’s game at Cadiz was temporarily halted in the final minutes when a fan suffered a heart attack in the stands on Saturday.

Cadiz said in a statement that the man was successfully treated with a defibrillator by a medical team. He was evacuated on a stretcher and admitted to a local hospital. Cadiz said the Barcelona players have also loaned their defibrillators to medics when needed.


Cadiz’s Argentinian goalkeeper Jeremias Ledesma runs towards the stands holding medical equipment during the Spanish league soccer match between Cadiz CF and FC Barcelona at Nuevo Mirandilla stadium in Cadiz on September 10, 2022. (Photo by Christ

Cadiz goalkeeper Jeremías Ledesma helped carry medical equipment, while Barcelona defender Ronald Araujo prayed at the silent stadium in Nuevo Mirandilla, southern Spain.

After more than a 10-minute break with players waiting on the pitch, the referee ordered them back to the dressing room with Barcelona ahead 2-0 at the time in the Spanish league game. The match resumed for its last eight minutes after more than half an hour of stoppage. Barcelona won 4-0.

“We hope he gets better as soon as possible,” Barcelona coach Xavi Hernández said.

Cadiz thanked the fans for their cooperation.