Soccer game

A fight breaks out during a football match in Oxnard, a player beaten to death by the opposing team

A footballer died a few days after a the fight broke out between the teams and the spectators during a match at Oxnardaccording to the Oxnard Police Department.

Misaël Sanchez, 29, from Port Huenemewas hospitalized on Sunday July 10 after a fight broke out on a football field at Oxnard High School. Officials say the fight involved not only the two teams but the spectators of the match as well.

Sanchez died early Monday morning, police say, and an autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday to determine what caused his death.

“My family is heartbroken and still in disbelief as we expected a bright future for him. Misael was assaulted by multiple attackers on July 10, 2022 and left in critical condition.

We weren’t ready for that kind of goodbye. At this time, we ask for your prayers, and if you can contribute financially, it will be greatly appreciated. Donations will help the family through these difficult times,” his family wrote on a GoFundMe page.

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Police are still investigating the scuffle and are asking anyone who saw the scuffle or anyone who may have video of the incident to contact detectives at 805-486-6228 or 805-385-7547.