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A dog takes a nap during a football match in Paraguay

We’ve all seen a fair share of dogs interrupting football games around the world. The list includes pedigree dogs, stray dogs, and even police dogs. Most of the time, the puppies come onto the field to chase the ball or hang out with world icons. From time to time you have also certainly seen more amazing things like a sublime save on the goal line.

However, after years and years of watching football, I bet you’ve never seen this before: a dog delaying the restart of a game because he wanted to take a nap.

A dog takes a nap during a soccer match in Paraguay

The hilarious and cute scene happened during a match between Sol de América and Guaraní for the Paraguayan Primera Division tournament.

Striker Cristian Duma was ready to start the second half when the referee had to stop the match, alerted by the presence of the dog taking a peaceful nap inside the pitch. I mean, the dog was clearly in “no worries, be happy” mode.

Eventually, the Luis Alfonso Giagni Stadium team pulled the dog off the grass and play continued.

Sol de América – the home team – won 1-0 thanks to a Cristian Duma penalty and possibly a tactical error involving the dog which we are still trying to figure out.