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A dog runs on a soccer field in Bolivia during the game and steals the ball

In this hilarious short story about animals, a cheeky dog ​​runs across the football field in the middle of a game and steals the ball.

We don’t know if Rover stepped in to help his beloved team score extra points or if he couldn’t resist the ball. Either way, the crowd at the football game got more than expected with an added dose of entertainment.

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Rumor has it this dog is a police dog and he got away from his master. Once he loosened up, he went straight for the ball and captured it.

A dog runs on a football field and steals the show

When Rover noticed the cheers from the crowd and all of his fellow footballers on the pitch chasing him, he couldn’t help but think that everyone still wanted him to keep playing in the game! At one point, he deftly evaded capture by three different players on the pitch.

A player finally caught it, although the speedy pooch was also about to score a goal! And once he was put back on the leash, viewers of the football game booed. They loved his ways of playing.

Eventually, he was escorted off the field. But perhaps we should suggest his owner consider allowing Rover a career change as it looks like he can outrun highly skilled athletes.

The video has since gone viral, garnering over 516,000 views, 10,000 likes on Facebook and nearly 1,000 comments from dog lovers and football fans. One viewer commented: “Poor dog must have gotten sick of watching Blooming’s lousy football and came to teach them how to play.”

Another commented: “The best part of the game is someone having fun playing with the ball!” While another added: ‘The police chief was probably embarrassed but that’s lovely.

Apparently, not everyone was impressed with their favorite football players on the pitch. But they were certainly impressed and amused by Rover’s performance.

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WATCH: A dog runs across a soccer field in Bolivia during the game

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