Soccer game

A complete guide to the Fantasy Soccer game of the moment

Seeing football fans take their passion to the next level is not something new, those who don’t have the pleasure of kicking the ball on the pitch or being on the dugout in charge of a team have always found ways to play the game, either in the park with friends or via a video game.

In recent years, however, a new era has begun for all football fans. Those who have always wanted to build their favorite team, with the greatest players on Earth, and compete with others, have found in So rare an ideal place.

Sorare is an online fantasy football game that allows users to collect and trade NFT cards of existing professional football players, whose actual performances are tracked throughout the competition. Here we will tell you how this game works step by step.

Rules: How does the game work?

In Sorare, users must create a team of five collectibles, which are the NFT digital cards of professional footballers. The teams take part in tournaments, the final ranking of which is determined by the sum of the points of each player on the team. Each player’s points are based on their actual performance for the duration of the tournament.

How to set up your team in Sorare

Each team must contain at least five Collectibles, a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder and a striker, while the user can choose a player from any position for the remaining spot. It is important to note that users can create multiple teams as long as they have the necessary cards. However, each collectible can only be included in one team. Additionally, a captain must be chosen.

New users receive free cards to create their first team and start participating in the beginner tournament before playing in the advanced championships, where they must purchase cards.

How many leagues does Sorare have and how do they work?

Users can participate in a tournament once they have created a team that meets the above requirements. The players selected will be those whose actual performances will count during the competition period. Click here learn more about Sorare.

Once the championship is over, the points accumulated by the five players will determine the team’s final scorewhich will be used classify users in the final standings. There are different tournaments depending on the type of cards making up the teams:

beginners league: This tournament allows users to compete with the free cards they receive for free after registration. Winners can be rewarded with limited cards to participate in other championships.

Tournaments for paid cards:

Each league has four divisions to ensure teams of similar strength compete, while allowing users to progress and receive rewards. These are the tournaments reserved for paying cards, divided according to the composition of the teams.

  • All Star League: Players from all leagues officially licensed on Sorare.
  • Regional leagues: Teams must only include players from the region in question. These are divided into America, Asia, Europe Champion (the top five European leagues) and Europe Challenger (all other European leagues).
  • Under 23 League: Players from all leagues aged 23 or under.


All Sorare maps are officially licensedwith more than 200 clubs in play. With the exception of the free cards – which are not NFT – given at the start of the game, which are unlimited and cannot be sold or exchanged, each NFT Collectible is unique and belongs to each user. Cards can be bought or sold at any time. There are four types of paying NFT Sorare cards: Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Unique.

  • Limited Cards: 1000 per player per season. The most affordable cards in the game. With five of them, users can already participate in all limited card tournaments.
  • Rare Cards: 100 per player and per season. Users with only four of them already have access to championships where Sorare rewards not only with collectibles but also with Ethereum for those who score more than 205 points.
  • super rare: 10 per player per season. They are more expensive and offer higher rewards.
  • Unique: One per player per season. They allow users to play in the Global Unique League.