Soccer ball

Watch this drone dodge an incoming soccer ball autonomously

The battle between drones and anti-drone technology is heating up. Since drones are now very maneuverable, special technologies are being developed to neutralize them for security reasons and even for military applications. And even the public has been known to take down drones by shooting them. Most drones just aren’t very good at avoiding incoming […]

Soccer ball

A brief history of the official Bundesliga soccer ball

Legendary Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes once described the soccer ball as “together with the shoes, the most important product in football”. The former player and decorated tactician is not the only one to announce the humble ball; the German language itself does this as well, with the term “Spielgerät” commonly used in reference to […]

Soccer game

Remembering the first women’s soccer game: Mia Hamm Soccer 64

Back in 2015, EA Sports bragged to anyone who heard that FIFA 16 would be the first video game of its kind to feature female footballers. Given the popularity of women’s football – especially in the United States, where women actually do better than men – it seemed odd that the FIFA franchise hadn’t included […]

Soccer ball

Ask the Doctors: Heading a Soccer Ball Can Cause Subconcussive Injuries

By Eve Glazier, MD, , Elizabeth Ko and MD Andrews McMeel Syndication Dear doctor: My granddaughters are absolutely crazy about football. They are constantly trying to outdo themselves in their maneuvers, and now we are trying to learn how to ‘steer’ the ball. But isn’t it dangerous, especially for girls? Dear Reader: We’ve long been […]

Soccer ball

Math Awareness conference takes a look at the latest soccer ball designs

A creative “arms race” has raged in recent years, transforming traditional black pentagons and white soccer ball hexagons with new graphics and stitching patterns. Mathematician artist David Swart Mathematical artist David Swart explored the latest soccer ball designs and spherical geometry on April 11 at the 2019 Math Awareness Month conference, sponsored by the Department […]