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Running a soccer ball harms women more than men, study finds

Women’s brains seem to be affected more by the direction of a soccer ball than men’s brains, according to a new study. A study using brain scans shows distinct patterns of brain damage in female footballers compared to male players. And women in general had more brain matter affected, the researchers reported Tuesday in the […]

Soccer ball

“Shooting” a soccer ball is more dangerous for women

By Robert Preidt Health Day reporter TUESDAY, July 31, 2018 (HealthDay News) – Soccer balls pose a much greater threat to women’s brains than men’s, according to a new study. The study involved 49 female and 49 amateur soccer players, aged between 18 and 50 years old. They reported a number of headings similar to […]

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How many players on a soccer field: a story and an explanation

Football has a fairly long history, dating back to the original rules concocted in 1863. You would expect the basics to have always been the same, but the rule of how many players are on a football field at any given time does not exist. has not always been set in stone. The original gambling […]

Soccer ball

Vladimir Putin may have given Trump a soccer ball with an emitter chip

Washington CNN – Russian President Vladimir Putin gave President Donald Trump an Adidas soccer ball at a press conference last week in Helsinki – and the ball may have contained an emitter chip. Images of the balloon Putin handed to Trump appear to show a logo indicating that he has a chip included as part […]

Soccer ball

What a soccer ball said about Putin’s meeting with Trump in Helsinki

HELSINKI, Finland – In any other diplomatic setting, it would have been a funny, if not trivial, gesture: A president handed over a soccer ball, a symbol of teamwork and competition used in the world’s most popular sport , to another, just after the World Cup Final. But in this case, according to analysts and […]

Soccer ball

Is running a soccer ball bad for the brain?

CLEVELAND – “Kicking the ball with the head” is a hallmark of professional football – but is bouncing a ball on the head bad for the brain? According to Richard Figler, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic, contrary to popular belief, most head injuries and concussions in soccer are not actually the result of a head […]

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Why does every football player do this?

Goals in football matches can be rare, which helps explain the frenzied nature of most goal celebrations. Some players take their jerseys off or get down on their knees and slide across the turf happily. They all often end up at the bottom of a pile of cheering teammates. Then there are the players who […]

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The soccer ball that survived the Challenger explosion returns to the high school it came from

A soccer ball that survived the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger explosion took a long trip – including a trip to the International Space Station – back to the high school it came from. One of the seven astronauts who died in the explosion was Ellison Onizuka, the first Asian American in space. Her daughter’s high […]