Soccer field

Mom saves teenager’s life on soccer field

(NEWS) –Jose Agredano was on the pitch for his last JV soccer game of the season earlier this month when his parents, who were watching from the stands in Watsonville, Calif., Noticed something was wrong. They ran towards their 16-year-old son, who had been hit by a bullet, as he collapsed and stopped breathing. His […]

Soccer game

Everyone on the pitch is 75 or older, but this soccer game is as competitive as any you’ll see

When you round up 30 footballers, all aged 75 or over, give them half a green jersey, half of them a yellow jersey and play a game, two things are in abundance: smiles and old jokes. On Wednesday afternoon at Hovley Soccer Park in Palm Desert, such a match was staged. It was part of […]

Soccer ball

The head of a soccer ball can cause concussion symptoms

Soccer players who frequently hit the ball with the head may increase their risk of concussion, a new study finds. The study, published Wednesday in Neurology, looked at 222 amateur soccer players – 175 men and 47 women – who reported the number of times they directed the ball over a two-week period. Athletes have […]