Soccer ball

Does running a soccer ball cause brain damage?

Football title poses greater risk for young players Advertising Read the rest of this special report: “data-newsletterpromo_article-text =” Subscribe to free Scientific American newsletters. “data-newsletterpromo_article-image =” png “data-newsletterpromo_article-button-text =” Subscribe “data-newsletterpromo_article-button-link =” “name =” articleBody “itemprop =” articleBody “> It has become clear that impact sports like soccer and boxing can cause long-term […]

Soccer ball

How does a soccer ball deflect? The softness of a ball’s surface, in addition to playing technique, is a critical factor

It happens every four years: the World Cup begins and some of the most talented players in the world carefully line up free kicks, aim and shoot well beyond the goal. The players all try to bend the ball into an upper corner of the goal, often over a wall of defensive players and out […]

Soccer ball

Why this year’s World Cup soccer ball might fly more predictably than the 2010 misfire

Correction: An earlier version of this story described the trajectory of a bullet thrown and pulled down by gravity as hyperbolic instead of parabolic. William Carvalho of the Portuguese national football team trains with the Brazuca ball outside Lisbon. (Mario Cruz / European Press Photo Agency) As the FIFA World Cup kicks off on Thursday, […]

Soccer field

The World Cup reminds us that everyone is a football field: NPR

Hide caption Football on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Previous Following Jason Beaubien / NPR Hide caption Boys play in Nairobi, Kenya. Previous Following Jason Beaubien / NPR Hide caption Football on a makeshift pitch in Limon, Guatemala. Previous Following Jason Beaubien / NPR Hide caption Getting by in a Burmese refugee camp […]