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$1.37 million approved for the redevelopment of the Surerus soccer field

The football club and the city met last year to discuss deteriorating conditions on the pitch.

Fort St. John city councilors on Monday approved a $1.377 million redevelopment plan and construction contract for the Surerus Park soccer fields.

According to a May 9 council report, the work includes the reconstruction of the park’s two soccer fields, including the installation of irrigation as well as the development of trails between the two fields from 105 Avenue to the park’s existing trails. , and new trail lighting.

“Obviously the football pitches won’t be able to have football, but we’re working very hard to make sure the work is done so the slow pitch can continue there,” public works director Jeremy said on Monday. Garner to advisors.

“There will be trail closures. Our trucks have to cross the trails with gear going in and out, so there will be some trails that will be closed for the day. We will try to open them in the evening.

Councilors received a heavy letter from the Fort St. John’s Football Club last year criticizing 13 years of inaction to address poor pitch conditions, which the club says have caused injuries to many young players.

The letter then led to a meeting between the club and City staff over the deteriorating conditions on the pitch.

The city has budgeted $2.31 million for the redevelopment, with councilors approving a $1.377 million construction tender at Northern Legendary Construction of Charlie Lake.

Three other offers were submitted by Knappett Industries ($1.96 million), S. Young Enterprises ($1.29 million) and ACL Construction ($1.69 million).

Garner told councilors Northern Legendary was selected using the city’s “best value” procurement process instead of awarding the job to the lowest bidder, as is tradition.

The board’s report notes that the best value process was used “in recognition of the complexity and strategic importance of this project.”

And in the report, Chief Executive Milo Macdonald noted, “The Best Value Procurement process continues to deliver excellent and competitive value for taxpayer dollars.

“It’s especially effective for higher value purchases like this,” he said.

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